Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 2, 2011

In the age of youtube and rapidshare, banning a movie doesn’t make much sense.

Damned if I understand how censors work. Human Centipede 2 was passed for release but has now been banned.

It was never going to find a place on my must-see list – or even the maybe-see list. Not even the civilisation-has-ended-and-I’m-the-last-man-on-the-planet-and-this-is-the-only-fucking-movie-I-can-find list. But as the article linked to above points out, those who saw HC2 had to really want to see it. It’s not as if it was dropped into the evening news slot on TV.

Richard Sowada turned down HC1 for the Revelation Film Festival, and Richard is no weaky when it comes to tough cinema. So I’m wondering how much worse the sequel can be. HC1 was at least deemed suitable for video release – I spotted it on the shelves of a video hire in Dromana last Christmas. For those unfamiliar with both the movie and the town, that’s akin to finding a loaded shotgun beside your churchgoing auntie’s best china.


  1. Hi,
    For anyone that really wants to watch the film I’m sure in time it will be on the net. It is pointless really some of these bans, as anyone can still see the movie these days.

  2. Not like the days of yore, when your brother in law kept a couple of super 8 films tucked away in the back corner of the wardrobe. And there’s publicity to be harvested here.

    • I remember years ago when a friend got hold of some sort of movie thing (I don’t really know what it was 😆 ) but we watched movies, his house was packed with people who all brought some nibbles, chips etc. it was awesome we talked about these nights for weeks, and couldn’t get over being able to watch movies at someone home. 😀

  3. (I don’t really know what it was 😆 )

  4. My brother saw the film for some reason. He phoned me to tell the details..I’ve now desire to see this, it is little more than torture porn. Each to their own I suppose. Nobody I know wants to watch any of the films I like, Hamlet, Macbeth and Richard III.

    • I can picture you holding the phone at arm’s length and retching into a handkerchief as your sibling delivered his elegantly detailed description.

      PS I watched Branagh’s version of Henry V recently. It’s a very good adaptation for the screen. Have you ever seen Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead?

  5. ugh I hate typos.

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