Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 30, 2011

How annoying that sound is…

Today is Mark Twain’s birthday. What a great opportunity to post this scene from a claymation movie about Twain’s life. A scene that terrified so many children that it was eventually cut for tv viewing.
It’s disturbing even for adults. But no nudity sex or profanity, so it’s perfectly safe for work.

There are comments about this sequence at imdb. I like this from – well, I’m sure that’s not their real name.


  1. Hi,
    That was astonishing, I would of liked to watched more, it was really well done. I can’t see this really frightening kids, really I think the Crinch who stole Christmas was on about the same par, and that movie was a hit with the kids. đŸ™‚

    • The scariest thing I ever saw on TV as a kid was the transformation scene in Jack The Giant Killer, when the evil wizard turned the princess into a witch. Even in black and white, that was creepy.

  2. I’m glad I never saw this when I was a kid, having already been traumatized by Sesame Street, The Land of the Lost, and The Bionic Woman at a young age. Also, what is slightly more terrifying than the mask is the size of those kids’ hands. WTF?

    • Sesame Street played on the government owned ABC here, which automatically alienated about 90% of its potential audience.
      Glad to say I grew up watching Cartoon Corner and Hey Hey Its Saturday – the latter having a well earned reputation for very adult humour. Back in the days when most kids stayed home Saturday mornings, instead of belting off to one sports field or another…

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