Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 26, 2011

Stick a few random thoughts together, you get a blog post.

It was Spiders ♥ Greg Day at work on Thursday. Three Daddy Longlegs dropped out of the rafters to escape the heat and all of them used me as their landing cushion.
Nobody else scored even one. Sure is nice to be popular.


Smoke from fires around Margaret River – 170 miles south of the city – is covering Perth like a fog this morning. I woke up and thought a house on the street must be burning.

CALM – Conservation And Land Management, ought to be Cover A Lit Match – were staging burn-offs during the week and the fire got out of control.  Forty houses lost.


Last night I watched one of the best movies I’ve ever seen about WW2: The Train. Directed by John Frankenheimer, who crashed real trains, and starring Burt Lancaster as a French Resistance leader and Paul Scofield as a Nazi with a love for ‘degenerate’ art. If you can find it on DVD it’s very worth your while. Frankenheimer was well known for The Manchurian Candidate but The Train seems to have been forgotten or overlooked over the last forty years. Damned if I can figure out why.


Annihilation Zones Update: After reading that Pol Pot survived for years in the Cambodian jungle on a diet of two insects a day, a diet which later often left him “doubled over with intestinal agony and barking out deafening blasts of flatulence”, I thought I was being conned again when I read that Pot had ordered the killing of a Western journalist for ‘the crime of excess sycophancy’. It seemed too ludicrous to be true. Snuff a supporter? If they applied that rule on Capital Hill the Canberra Press Gallery would all be pushing up the daisies. But this claim, unlike many others in the book, is basically the truth. The journalist’s name was Malcolm Caldwell, and he was shot in the middle of the night by Pol Pot’s men on a visit in 1978.

Elizabeth Becker, an American journalist and much more skeptical about the Pol Pot regime, was spared. AZ omits that part of the story. Perhaps the author considered it too bizarre – even by his standards.


In the early evenings over Perth right now, Jupiter is as bright in the northeast as Venus in the west. Which doesn’t really segue at all into this quote from Horse Under Water, the second of Len Deighton’s classic spy novels.

The water was cool and moonlight trickled across it like cream spilt on a black velvet dress. The night and the water reminded me of the night Giorgio died. Charly’s blonde hair shone in the light and her body was phosphorescent in the clear black water. She swam near to me and pretended to have cramp. I grabbed her as I was intended to do. Her skin was warm and her mouth was salty and the clear white brandy had done things to my better judgement.

What a short journey it is to any bedroom. How difficult to remove a wet swimsuit.



  1. Hi,
    Spiders, I’m glad it was you and not me, I hate spiders.

    I have been reading about the awful fires, I just couldn’t believe it. Burn offs have been done since the year dot, never any problems, we have them all the time here in QLD, I have never heard of a burn off that has gone wrong before, where on earth did they get these people from?

    When we were in Cambodia, we went to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum which was a former High School believe it or not. Anyway this was one of the prisons where they took before, and after photos of those tortured there. One of the photos on the wall was of an Australian Journalist who was killed, he was Asian in appearance. All they had under the photo was that it was an Australian Journalist, no names. There was also paintings on the wall of what tortures were used.

  2. Burn offs have gone awry here a few times, but not usually with such disastrous results.
    This time there will be real fury. One of the officials involved is connected to another fire in which three firefighters died in 2007.

    I wonder who the Australian journalist was? All I’ve found online is news about David Wilson, a young backpacker taken hostage and executed in 1994.

    • I wonder who the Australian Journalist was?
      I couldn’t find anything either way back then, nothing at all. I thought maybe he was freelance, seeing as how I couldn’t find anything, it would of helped to have a name, there wasn’t’ any names on any of the photos just where they come from.
      Other photos had nothing under them at all, just the faces, of these poor people. As I said he was Asian in appearance, so we don’t know how long he had been in OZ, but he must of classed himself as an Aussie, for that to be written under the photo.

      My Husband thought that he may of said that to try and save himself, but I don’t think so.
      Even though it was way back in 1999 when we were there it is something that you just never forget.

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