Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 21, 2011

Nathan Searle: last man standing at Sorkh Bed.

”As I was crawling I knew blokes had been shot, and I could actually feel the percussion coming out the muzzle of his weapon, as this bloke was only 10 metres away.”
The words of Corporal Nathan Searle.

Searle killed the rogue Afghan soldier who shot three Diggers during a parade in Kandahar province. The incident has had a negative effect on relations between the Australians and Afghans, but Corporal Searle believes the work being done by our forces in the region is making a difference for the better.

Australian troops are expected to leave Afghanistan sometime in 2014. The Greens have called for the government to set a date, presumably so as to avoid creating excessive inconvenience for the Taliban.


  1. Hi,
    What would Greens leader Bob Brown know about our diggers in Afghanistan, as Andrew pointed out he has never been there, and as far as I know he has never taken the time to talk to any of our diggers that have been there. Brown is full of hot air as usual.

    • Brown’s full of something, I’m just not sure it’s hot air.

  2. ”You can’t trust them. I suppose we should never have trusted them from the start, but it’s just reinforced that you can’t trust them”..

    ”You deal with it as best you can, and just hope you’ve good body armour and don’t turn your back on them. One guy? Who’s to say there’s not 10? At the end of the day there could be more. To say it won’t happen again is just naive.”

    I’m with Private Braithwaite.

    • Obviously, security checks will be tightened. We have to hope that any more rogues can be identified this way.
      Maybe our people have to learn from this the way the US Army learnt from Nidal Hasan.

  3. Can’t we just nuke it like the old days?

    • A crude solution. I’d rather take a few planeloads of disease-ridden Occupiers from Zucotti Park and scatter them across the mountains…

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