Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 20, 2011

A pinup spoilt my dinner! And in other news…

My weekend started at 5pm on Friday. I picked up Chinese takeaway, got home and had a shower, and settled down to watch a movie. Foolishly I thought I should check my emails first, and found this from Gina Elise:

“Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard shared an intimate meeting Down Under, photos have revealed.”

An intimate meeting? My brain crawled back as far as it could inside my skull, begging my eyes to unsee that sentence. But the idea had been planted, and I knew that I’d have to do something with it. Which I have. But more about that later.

During the President’s brief stopover in Canberra there was an announcement made about a new Marine base that will be established in northern Australia. US forces get the nod! Watching the leftist government fawning on the epitome of American imperialism was highly entertaining. In opposition, the Labor Party can find nothing good in America; in government, they can’t roll over fast enough to ask Washington for a tummy tickle.

The Greens were just as obsequious. Bob Brown, who interrupted speeches by Presidents Clinton and GWB, kept his Tourette’s under control. After the speech he was critical of the decision, saying it was a  “statement to the neighbourhood” that Australia was no longer an independent player. For Bob, that’s kind of weak. When John Howard was Prime Minister, Brown would declare on a weekly basis that Australia stood condemned in the court of world opinion. Something in the pomposity of that phrase told me that whatever Howard was doing, it was probably right.

So now Jooolya and her Circus of Ineptitude are pumping themselves up as Uncle Sam’s best buddy. In fact, American forces are not strangers to the Great South Land. General MacArthur brought a few doughboys with him during the Second World War, and Sydney was a popular R&R spot during Vietnam. Joint military exercises are regularly staged.

And then there’s the communications facility at Pine Gap – although that’s principally under the arm of those folks at Langley.

So, it’s really just more of the same. With one obvious difference – a new base will require an opening ceremony. And who better to cut the ribbon than the pinup princess herself?

Makeup done! Where are those scissors?

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