Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 16, 2011

A meeting of two notables.

Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith and Queen Elizabeth share a few moments of conversation at Buckingham Palace – click on the photo for the story.

In other news US President Barack Obama will spend 27 hours in Canberra.

A scant 27 hours. Maybe he’s smarter than some of us have thought.


  1. Actually, it’s Canberrian’s and Australians that are the “smart” ones. You have the permission of millions of Yanks, to keep his ass and I do know where you can keep him..

    That new American military facility. Now THAT, I do NOT understand. Why, with our nation on the brink, if not already over the damn brink of a complete financial breakdown, (and in my humble opinion, due in large part to the policies of the idiot you may keep) would some doofi here, persuade Aussie’s that the U.S. needs to spend millions, soon to be billions to keep troops in Australia.

    Fox says it’s China’s fault. With a bit of luck, it could be the site of the obama library after he leaves way or the other..

    • And how ironic too that the announcement was made by a Labor Prime Minister. Always amusing when Labor are in power; the anti-US toughness vanishes as they invite Washington to tickle their tummy.
      And no, we’re not keeping him. Ask the Indonesians nicely enough and they might help; they have about 18,000 islands, and most of them haven’t even been named. Sure they could spare your man an anonymous piece of dirt.

  2. Hi,
    I read about the Corporal meeting the Queen, it was a nice story for a bit of a change of pace.

    Every time I looked at the TV all I saw was something about Obama, every newspaper I clicked onto the first thing I saw was Obama, I’m sick of it already. Knowing our newspapers we are going to see nothing but Obama for days, and it’s not just one story.

    @elcampeador, Oh no we are not keeping him, we have enough of our own problems here. 🙂

    • If you’re PO’d with the deal, mags, just imagine how Kruddy must feel. Snubbed by the CIC, and now he has to watch Jooolya bask in the glory (such as it is).
      There’ll be a few radios and TV’s needing repairs in Casa del Rudd for sure.

  3. Come on mates! Good God, with all the drop bear, jackalope, hoop snakes, he wouldn’t be in Australia long, ‘course he wouldn’t be in Australia short either. And for God sakes, ya’ got Croc’s all over hell.


    18,000 you say…Hmm. Lemme see, could change my name to say..Al Campeador, sounds more foreign then ohh. Joe Campeador..

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