Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 25, 2011

Blair + Breitbart = Occupational therapy.

Australian journalist and legendary blogger Tim Blair reviews the Occupy This/That/Whatever Movement:

The appearance in our midst of a few dozen whiners with piercings and dreadlocks in lieu of any coherent political philosophy or even a clearly-explained list of grievances prompts expressions of solidarity and concern from certain media outlets. Apparently, according to these outlets, we have something to learn from rich kids who think dressing like herdsmen is an economic argument.

The full article is here. I recommend it.

UPDATE: Thanks to El Campeador (aka El Cid) for this piece of video.

Former Soviet citizen goes to the front lines!


  1. Hi,
    What a fantastic video, and he is spot on, these people haven’t got a clue, do they understand that what they want is communism? I think they need just a bit more education (or a lot more ) about socialists.

    • A while back Philip Adams was saying that what Australia really needed was a year under the stewardship of Hugo Chavez. He’s not saying that so much any more – maybe the Rudlard Circus of Ineptitude was close enough to make him happy. But FFS, if he thought that life under Hugo was that wonderful, why didn’t HE just move THERE for a year?
      You could certainly try to educate these people, mags, but facts are facts and the fact is that a significant proportion of the human species are career stupid.

      • Right you are, good sir AND that affliction (career stupid) is straight to the bone.

  2. Indeed, I’ve no desire to see women wearing boiler suits and talking about tractor production. Socialism is only heralded by the well to do middle class any way, most people simply want a decent wage and lots of booze. Who am I to disagree with that??

    • “Socialism is only heralded by the well to do middle class any way” – quite so, and you have to wonder why. Pure envy perhaps? Close enough to the upper class to think that they belong there, but unable to find a way in?

  3. […] of the Obamaville residents across the whole of the world.  A highlight [tip of the fedora to GregoryNo6]: 5. General knowledge is a problem for Occupants. Asked if the US government spends more on health […]

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