Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 17, 2011

The carbon tax, the PM, and the politics of spite.

spite – a desire to hurt, annoy, or offend.

And so it came to pass. Legislation which will introduce a carbon tax – the tax which would not be, dismissed as a hysterical lie, passed through the House of Representatives last week.

There was clapping and cheering on the government benches. Even a saliva swap or two, and no, I won’t be posting THAT picture again. But the festive mood says much about those who ride with the Circus of Ineptitude.

“More than ever, Australia needs a government that will help the nation fulfil its promise rather than a government which makes promises it cannot fulfil” – Kevin Rudd, 2007. The citizens quickly discovered that Kruddfuhrer and unfulfilled promises went together like holes and Swiss cheese. His party colleagues realised his exceptional talent in the field was costing them dearly with the voters. Kevin came down from his pedestal in 2010 – the first Labor prime minister to be dumped from office before completing a first term Did they pass the hat around for a commemorative plaque? Or maybe an old Miss Australia sash? We’ll have to wait until the Cabinet documents are released in 2040.

“I asked my colleagues to make a leadership change … because I believed that a good government was losing its way.” So said the former Adelaide schoolgirl, soon to attain her own unique niche as Australia’s first female PM not to be elected twice. Under Rudd the pattern had become routine: big announcement; inactivity; embarrassing questions; next big announcement. Jooolya broke that template. She had her own style. Declaration was followed by self-contradiction – and somewhere in the middle, a few accusatory words for Tony Abbott. “Phony Tony,” jeered Jooolya, just weeks before she promised the voters would now see the ‘real Julia.’ Tony Abbott was intent on bringing back Work Choices, warned real/fake Jooolya, even as she put the kibosh on after school work for students – a decision later overturned.

Four years of pig-headed incompetence. If failures were rocks this government could build a new Everest. And now they celebrate a tax born of a shameless backflip and a deliberate exclusion of dissent.

Are they crazy?

No. They’re merely bitter and frustrated. In a word, spiteful.

Politically speaking the carbon tax nails the Labor government in its coffin and they know it. Still – after the reckless squandering of the Builders Excellent Rortfest, the ongoing disaster around the handling of illegal boat arrivals, and the continuing shame of the Aboriginal situation (yep, that apology changed so much, Kev), getting this massively unpopular bill through the House would have seemed like a packet of Smarties fallen from above. It’s as close to success as this flop of losers have been since election night in 2007.

No doubt some hope exists on the Treasury benches that this can actually be made to work. But this is a government which has already proven that it can’t even give away money efficiently. Australia’s Worst Prime Minister Ever has gloated that the tax will be embedded good and proper before the next election. Repeal by any future government will be impossible, she promises – this will be her legacy; for good or ill, her lasting gift to Australia. Don’t like it? Too bad, says Jooolya. You’re stuck with it.

Then again, Jooolya’s been wrong more often than she’s been right.

Here’s hoping…


  1. Hi,
    This ridiculous Government is taking OZ in a place we really don’t’ want to be. It is like they are deliberately wanting to wreck this country, and the way they are treating the Australian Public is inexcusable. I hate to think how bad it is going to be by the time we have an election in 2013. 😡

    • Complete empathy with you and Australia magsx2. Lord knows where this abomination obama will lead this nation, if reelected. We just may have to drag him from the White House.

      • I suppose the one difference between our two countries, elcampeador, is that we are absolutely certain to toss our pack of incompetents out at the next election, which may only be months away, and then we will flush the stench of this socialist rabble and its country destroying policies away, like turds down a sewer.

        It is not clear to me that the same will happen in your country with Obama – who clearly must be the worst President your country has seen in generations, if not ever.

        I hope you get there next year, I really do. By the time of your next elections late next year though – even though ours are not due until late 2013, I expect our government will have been tossed out by our people with the disgust and contempt our current government deserves.

    • Mags, I agree, they are making a deliberate effort to wreck the country. They have to punish us for their failures. How better to do that than with a tax that can do no good but plenty of ill?

      Cid, yes – whoever occupies the White House they should at the very least have a better record than the incumbent when it comes to showing up for work!

      James – yep, Canberra’s in for one hell of a flushing when 2013 rolls around!

  2. I was living in hope that the CT would not make it through. I’m also hoping that Julia is wrong and that the next non labor government will be able to stop the slide into a black hole that this current government will probably put us in. I have never felt so fearful for our country as I do now.

    • They’ll get it through the Senate, unfortunately, but the actual implementation could well bring them undone.
      Remember Kruddfuhrer’s assurance that an ETS would cost the average household a dollar a week? It didn’t take long for that to inflate.
      Given past form I expect the price on carbon to climb quickly too. I don’t think next year’s tax cuts will be worth much by election day.

  3. I think that the Labour party know that they cannot win next time, and are deliberately ‘salting the ground’.
    This ensures that Tony Abbots Govt has such a mess to clean up that the Labour side can take potshots at anything that isn’t cleaned up immediately. This will foster antipathy to the status quo and delude people into thinking that Labour can fix all the (labour created) problems bedevilling the next Govt.
    Then ride that lie to get back in.

    • Frank, I see strong parallels between our current situation and Berlin in 1945. Hitler, knowing he was finished, ordered the destruction of all remaining German industry. If I go, I’ll take you all with me.
      I follow your theory, but I hope like hell that the voters don’t have such short memories.

  4. So true James. As my friend across the LARGER pond indicates (his name escapes me at the moment, but it begins with a letter but ends numerically) it would help that people show for their stipend, I would add that the individual be competent.

    Win or lose, our nation will be in a very fragile state. Something akin to a large powder keg and a damn fool trying to strike a match, fragile.

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