Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 23, 2011

Now that you mention it, they ARE quite enchanting.

And it’s a total mystery to me why I never noticed them before.

They seem so friendly,  and generous… and inviting. And… large.

…What? Yes, dammit! I AM talking about Hayley’s eyes!

(PS: Dear Miss Atwell, if you ever happen across this, please don’t send large heavy men around to my place. Your fond admirer, Gregoryno6.)



  1. I became hypnotised for 20 mins by this photo. Should carry some kind of warning! hahaha

    • Hypnotic – yes. Clicking on the pic for the larger view would lock your brain up for a week! Trust me, I know.

  2. As is stated..

    a man’s home is his castle, the “bouncy”, is what makes enjoyable. Yes, yes indeed..

    • In the Dark Ages, castles were made of stone and therefore non-bouncy. No wonder they were Dark! I’m surprised they’re not known as the Bloody Miserable No Fun Whatever Ages.

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