Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 13, 2011

Please, Lord, take them now.

First, it was Kevin and Jooolya.

Then it was Jooolya. Goodbye Kevin.

Now, apparently, there are moves around the Treasury benches to shaft Ranga Monsterarse and restore  the Kruddfuhrer.

I’ve found it increasingly difficult to say anything about the circus of ineptitude that holds power in Canberra. Total farce is hard to satirise.

How tightly do they cling to the illusion that they can survive… Their own mothers might vote for them at the next election; everyone else has either turned against them already, or will do so soon enough.

And I do mean everybody.



  1. Hi,
    It’s unreal how they seem to be rushing all these bills through Parliament, especially the carbon tax. Why hasn’t one journalist asked why this bill can’t wait until the election? This Government is THE WORST that I have known, they don’t care what the people think, won’t even let the people have a say.

    Did you hear about the protesters in Parliament yesterday?

    • PM ran a short audio clip of the protest last night. I hope it upset every government MP’s digestion.
      I also heard a portion of yesterday’s proceedings in the Senate. Conroy is pushing the NBN bill too.
      The apparent urgency doesn’t sit well with their claim that the majority of Australians are behind them. If anything it looks like the last days of an oligarchy who are determined to leave as much damage as possible behind them.

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