Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 1, 2011

Craig Thomson: putting the ‘union’ in unions.

For millions of Australians, the story that has steadily built up around Mr Thomson has been a revelation of Biblical proportions. There, in the midst of the most useless government that’s ever taken power in Canberra, one man has been found who actually CAN organise a hump in a whorehouse!

In the context of the Kruddfuhrer/Jooolya record generally, this is a gold-class genuine achievement.

Over to the always on-target team at NMA.


It’s hard to find one local news item that covers this story in all its convolutions, but if you’re interested in knowing more, this is a pretty good start.

Also, read here for an explanation on the shovel reference in the clip.


  1. Hi,
    I again listened to 2UE radio yesterday hoping to hear the BIG interview, but again the station would not allow it to go to air, even after the lawyers gave the OK. Smithy got rather upset about it all, seeing as how he had the guy sitting in the studio. But he did say that a television station had come early in the morning when they taped a 30min interview, and the TV station has copies of all documents, he didn’t name the station, but it’s interesting.

    I don’t think I’ll bother listening again today, I have listen for 3 days now, and I suppose he will still not be able to air it. It must be one hell of an interview, a lot of union money gone missing from the AWU as well it seems, will we ever get the full story? Why is everyone so frightened of the truth? This poor guy was beaten within a inch of his life, and he wants the full story out, and he wants all the money that was taken to be given back for the union members.

    • They can’t keep the story buried forever, mags. Sooner or later it will come out.
      The only question is whether it will still have any power to damage the government when it does come into the light of day. At the rate that new disasters are springing up within Jooolya’s Circus of Ineptitude, something could come along in a week or two that puts the Thomson affair in the shade.
      In fact, the story might already be here: another training triumph for our former Education Minister!

      • Yes I read that story. Just another big stuff up, no matter what they do it never works out for anybody and usually makes matters worse.
        The story that I doubt we will hear on 2UE is about union money, and Julia when she was their lawyer. Everything we know about this now, there seems to be much, much more, it must be bad, nobody game to tell the story.

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