Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 9, 2011

A late lament for Anne Francis.

Seems to me that the worst fate you can suffer as a person of even moderate fame is to die too soon after some other well-known face departs.

In the case of Anne Francis, she was predeceased by Leslie Nielsen, her co-star in 1956 in Forbidden Planet. The cosmic sense of humour at work.

In the tradition many great posts from Bob Belvedere at The Camp Of The Saints – a Rule 5 post for one of cinema’s most beautiful women.

Click on the pics to visit the sites where they originally appeared.

Excuse me, but what's my spot doing over there?

Excuse me, but what’s my spot doing over there?

That’s better. Thank you.

Meester Direktor, dahhlink, I do the mosst deeliciouss Rrrushan aksent…

“I’m afraid it’s true, Miss Francis. Talking on the phone while you’re driving will be illegal in the 21st century.”

Will you please, PLEASE, just leave my spot alone?

Anne at a Twilight Zone convention in 2002. Old enough to be my mother, but still hot.



  1. Picture no. 2: Village of the Damned meets…BOUNCY CASTLE!!

    • Yeah, I can see them. I mean, that.

  2. Ah, TV’s “Honey West” – who could forget!

    • I haven’t seen it, I have to confess. I imagine it got a run on Australian tv during the 60s and then went into the vault. But there are a few episodes available on youtube.

      • I checked it out. Just type in “Honey West” TV show and it is on youtube, you can buy it, etc.

        • I’ll check it out. Anne Francis – mmmmmmmm

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