Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 24, 2011


The day has arrived.

One year since the citizens of the Great South Land were relieved of a vindictive narcissistic Prime Minister, and given in his place an arrogant incompetent deceitful Prime Minister.

Without further ado (because it would only make me depressed),

Ladies and gentlemen,


(Individual images will be found here.)


  1. Hi,
    Well done, I loved the slide show, good on you for putting it altogether. A great post for the anniversary.

    • I enjoyed doing it more than you would believe, mags. Truly a labour of loathe.

  2. […] Australian blogger GregoryNo6 making fun of his country’s boneheaded socialist crapweasel leader.  It’s just nice to know America isn’t the only country with an anti-patriotic […]

  3. Nice one!!!

    • Meanwhile our less than esteemed leader digs herself an ever deeper hole…

  4. Why thank you so much for your little contribution, Gregoryno6. It has given me yet another frightening insight into the primitive mind of the hate media reading, climate change denying, Liberal voting reactionary.

    Clearly you and your ilk simply do not deserve democracy and should be banned from voting. Unfortunately such a ban can not be put in place (well, not yet anyway). For this reason and many others we on the green left must not give in to calls for an early election but instead keep pressing on with our visionary reforms.

    Believe me, when you see what a positive effect they have on our environment you will thank us in the end (if you have any sense, that is!).

    • Derek! I was wondering when you’d emerge from the rainforest.
      Glad you enjoyed the show!

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