Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 21, 2011

What were they hoping for? Smart, Sexy, and Sophisticated?

Against her will, no doubt, Aunty speaks for the citizens.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, national broadcaster and acknowledged cheerleader/spruiker/propagandist for the Circus of Ineptitude in Canberra, asked for three words to describe your views on how Ms Gillard’s minority Government has performed.

I don’t think they got quite what they expected:


Which three words would YOU have chosen? Slippery, Sly and Stupid work for me. As do Fatarsed Flatulent Fabian. Or even Mendacious, Malign and Moronic. But I don’t want to hog the dictionary here. Step up to the keyboard and speak!

And thanks to Andrew Bolt for the link.



  1. Hi,
    I saw this earlier on the ABC website, and I couldn’t believe they even posted it, all I could do was smile, and lo and behold Bishop mentioned it in Parliament today as well, and I just laughed when she started reading out what people thought of the PM. The speaker pulled her up on her language, no joke that is what happened, I laughed harder. 😆

    • They read it out in parliament? Deeeelicious.
      And from the ABC too. Must have stuck in their gut to make it public, mags.
      Like asking the devil to hand out rosary beads.

  2. It is now up on YouTube.

  3. Julie is having soooo much fun there. But gee, no camera on Jooolya? Why not?
    Thanks, mags.

    • I got to the TV about 2 mins before this started, I had it on, but was busy at the time, but I did catch something about Julia walking out of Parliament, I don’t know the circumstances around the walkout or was she sent out? I can’t find anything about it in the papers, hopefully tomorrow.

      • I would say that Jooolya, with her finely-honed political instincts, sensed what was coming and made herself scarce. Except that those finely-honed etc etc are, on the evidence up to now, probably just a myth.
        Easier to believe that she scuttled away from bad news like a cockroach away from a boot. Just like Kruddfuhrer used to do: when there was bad news to deliver he was nowhere to be seen.

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