Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 19, 2011

Just by reading the headline, I knew it was Sunday.

Naked Russian diver Natalia Avseenko tries to tame rare Beluga whales.

How well I remember the Sunday Observer of my now distant youth. A truly cosmopolitan newspaper, with topless chicks every three or four pages.

Back then of course, ladies showed off their girl cushions on the Lord’s day to give the clerics something to fulminate over in their sermons. A survey of  milk bars sited near churches in Melbourne at the time indicated surprising results; sales of the Observer rose sharply within fifteen minutes of the end of a service. (This may be total invention on my part, and in fact, it is. But you’ve got to agree it makes sense.)

Today, well, nobody goes to church any more. Partly because too many men of the cloth were caught doing more than just fulminating. So, if you want to add an unclad babe to your Sunday edition, you have to be more inventive. And this really covers all the bases, doesn’t it? The whales are ‘rare’ – nice care-for-the-environment angle. Let’s face it though, Rare Beluga Whales tamed by naked Russian swimmer fails as a headline. Its priorities are all wrong.

Hey, I wonder if that photo was taken by Natalia’s sister, and was she naked too?


  1. Hi,
    I read about this in the paper, absolutely beautiful photos I felt, it all looked sort of really natural I suppose, and also the sense of peace. Not many photos give a wonderful expression, but these do just that, it is a shame they didn’t get more coverage in the papers.

    • Awww mags, you’ve completely spoiled my cynical take on this story.

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