Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 19, 2011

Forty years of, um, progress. An historical review, in four youtube clips.

In two fields, specifically.

Firstly, science and technology.



Is it just me or have we lost something somewhere along the way? Apart from hair, that is.

Moving on to Exhibit B – male singers with female accompaniment.


Now – and this one comes with a language warning too:

The ladies are allowed to play the instruments now, so that’s a step forward…


  1. 1. 2001–pretty good movie except for the 20 minute acid trip in the middle.
    2. Steve Ballmer–nothing scarier than a wealthy nerd getting his groove on.
    3. Johnny Rivers–what a voice–love “Poor Side of Town” and “Secret Agent Man.”
    4. Cee-lo Green–never really paid any attention to this guy. I mostly dismiss black singers these days, because they mostly chant/talk/brag/shout rhythmically and call it “hip-hop music” or “rap music”, when it should be called “urban poetry” or something, because music involves singing, not talking, as I understand it. This guy sings pretty darn well when he sings.

    • I came across the first pair a few years ago. They’re a perverse yin and yang. The ape, exhibiting real brain power and the first sparks of intelligence; Ballmer, hooting and capering like he’d just slipped ten million years back down the evolutionary timeline.

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