Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 12, 2011

Photos of Melbourne, 1992.

You’ll notice that these photos have very few people in them. There’s a good reason for that.
This was my first trip back to Melbourne after my departure in 1990. I flew back on the midnight special; so there I was, in Melbourne, with nothing to do, at 6am on a Sunday morning. I knew my friends wouldn’t be out of bed till 10 or 11, so I found the one place in the city that was open for breakfast and then took a long walk around with my camera.
All the photos I’m adding here have been transferred from neg to disk by the good people at Diskbank. If you live in either Perth or Sydney, I recommend their services.

The Windsor Hotel, top of the city – out of sight in his pic, but to the right, on the opposite side of Spring Street are the Victorian Houses of Parliament. Which served as the home for our federal government between 1901 and 1927. The HoP, that is, not the Windsor. We would have had a better class of pol if we’d selected our representatives over there.

Harley House in Collins St, Melbourne. Home to assorted medical types since it was built in 1923. A waste of good apartments in my opinion…
The name would be a reference to Harley Street in London, where every sawbones worth his scalpel wanted to be. Obviously we didn’t have enough doctors in 1923 to make it worth naming a whole street after them – and just try to get in to see a doctor today. Nothing’s changed.

The T&G Building, just a block down from Harley House in Collins St. T&G stood for Temperance & General. No point going to T&G if you needed a G&T.

Melbourne’s former GPO, heart of the city at the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke Streets. Elizabeth St was actually built over the course of a river, which was redirected underground. That’s why the trams make such a hell of a racket as they pass by here.
The wardrobe size space at the top of the tower was used as a hiding place by a cannibal madman who terrorised the city in the 1890s. He was responsible for a string of murders that lasted several years. Well, no. I’m just making that up to make a rather ordinary photo more interesting.

Diskbank delivered the images as they received them, and even though the negs were only twenty years old you can see age marks. I got a chuckle out of that. Fading, scratches, spots – you know, the stuff that people photoshop into their perfect digital pix to give them the mask of ‘authenticity’.


  1. And a lovely city, hoping it still is and may it always be, a lovely city.

    The wardrobe size space at the top of the tower was used as a hiding place by a cannibal madman who terrorised the city in the 1890s


    • Sounds as if you’ve been there…

    • To Melbourne, that is. Not the top of the tower.

  2. Cool pictures! =) I’m going to gak one for my architecture tumblr.

  3. Hi,
    Great pictures, and some good information about them as well, I had to laugh at the “murders”, but I think the building has a lot to offer, they just don’t make buildings like that any more.

    • The office block at the rear left of the GPO is dull and monotonous, and proves your point exactly.

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