Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 23, 2011


From Vexnews, Australia’s most trusted news source:

…a centuries old pact between British vampires and werewolves could be broken by the upcoming marriage of Prince William to alleged lycanthrope Kate Middleton. Vampire sources claims Miss Middleton is a full-blooded werewolf and by marrying the heir to the throne will violate a 500-year old agreement.

Full story here(Whoops – not any more! 23 July 2018).Fortunately they’ve got the best man on the job to negotiate a solution. Thank God for girly-haired Canadian singers!

One full moon please, but hold the facial hair.

PS: Christopher Hitchens, normally spot on with any story he tackles, has slid off-track this time.


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  2. Hi,
    I read that this morning, really had a good laugh. 😆

    • There hasn’t been a really good funny story about the Royal Family since they had The Goodies stand in for them.

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