Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 16, 2011

Dear Friend Hitler: unusual casting.

Anupam Kher originally signed up to play Hitler in the Bollywood film – coming soon to a cinema near you, with NO SONGS – but quickly changed his mind.

Here is the first pic of Reghuvir Yadav, his replacement, in costume.

Bollywood Adolf and Eva

Who knew that India had its very own Benny Hill?

Every time I see this I’m going to hear a familiar tune…

UPDATE: A search of the internet has crushed my hope of finding Benny Hill done up as Hitler.  Memory did serve correctly in that he gave Idi Amin the treatment

but the Austrian corporal escaped him. Ah well, we’re making up for that.

And for readers like Lorraine who can’t get that Yakity Sax out of their heads, a powerful cure. In German. If that helps.



  1. Oh no…..that tune…..I didn’t even have to listen to it and it’s getting stuck in my head!

    • Update coming to solve your problem (wassamatter, you tired of the Storm Large song already?)

  2. Helps….Maybe it does. The last time I heard that song (not the german version) I was sitting here at home with some friends enjoying large amounts of vino and organic ciggies. Brings back some funny memories.

  3. Yes…grown without the use of any pesticides etc…. :-p.

    I found my aunts stash after she passed away. well….what’s a girl to do? Cheers Di…

    • Probably not being very wise making such admissions in a public place eh? Perhaps my posts should be censored or removed

      t’was being a bit young and irresponsible.

      • As the man below says, it’s the size that counts. Are we talking shoebox or shed?
        Ahhh – Either way it’s not worth the worry. Just wait five minutes and some idiot politician will say something so absurd that your little own-up won’t rate a thought. And there you are! Right on time, here’s Mr Wilkie.

    • “what’s a girl to do?”

      Depends on how big the stash is, Lorraine. Swi, umm, gregory has an entire shed filled with Gina Elise calendars that he would part with, at the proper price of course.

      A mutual virtual friend with the strange name of Taco (gosh, that ain’t right) Maco, no, no..well the “aco” parts correct, only 24 more letters to go, eh?

      But, I digress this aco (whatever) fellow wanted all of them, however he could not, or would not meet gregory’s price. Both he and gregory agreed to let John Howard devise a equitable solution.

      When reached for comment, Mr. Howard said, “Shirley you jest”.

      Oh and yes, Benny Hill was one damn funny pommy..

      • How the hell did THAT story get out?

        • Julian Assange, maybe? 🙂

          • Wait, think it that fellow that goes by the nic of bangbang, or something..LOL.

            • My guess, after considerable thought: Andrew Wilkie. He can’t shut up about ANYTHING – except his own unlovely history.

  4. Good story elcampeador. I’m going to have to grill Mr A when we next meet. Sounds far more interesting than my stash. (which only filled a wedgewood serving bowl…not a shed)

    • Still enough to provide a good evening’s entertainment. Pictures?

      • Funny, I do have some pics around. Somewhere!!! A rather large set of BBQ tongs was involved. the shots are well hidden no doubt!

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