Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 6, 2011

April 6 is 28+1. That cake is still short a few candles!

(LATE LATE UPDATE: Genius-boy here might have added a link to his own tribute to the Pinup Princess, don’t you think?)

The celebrations began a few days early, at Pin-Up Palooza last weekend…

Photo by Mindy Lopez.

Photo by Mindy Lopez.

Many many thanks to Mindy Lopez for that photo. Not sure who gets credit for the cake, but they did an excellent job.

Birthday girl herself looks a million dollars too, with makeup by Ana at Classic Glamour Dolls. And just for the hell of it, one from the vault: my favourite photo of Gina pre-Pin Ups For Vets.

(Click on all images for larger views.)

Teen gorgeous much? April 6 is officially the Pinup Princess’s birthday. She’s sharing it with a few lucky vets at a military hospital in Alabama. Who, although being Southern gentlemen, will probably share my inability to look away…

But hell, true beauty is so rare. And Gina’s knockout looks are matched bit for bit by the work she puts into her cause. And it occurs to me, with all the latest stirrings in Old Testamentland, that there may be an even more important role  for Miss President. The orthodox solutions to the region’s problems never seem to hold for long – could be that we need an entirely new strategy.

Note: April 6 is the 96th day of the year, so there’s still enough of 2011 left to give you real value from a Pin Ups For Vets calendar. (And hey, you can always look back at Misses January February and March). Visit Gina’s shop, and buy for yourself or for a soldier. Australian readers can find all they need to know about packages for our troops serving abroad at Ocean Sky and Khaki – Kae and Nilk send parcels off regularly and they’d happily include donated calendars.

And now, to give the event that true retro feel – The Chairman of the Board.

Many, many more kicks to come – I hope. Happy Birthday, G-girl.



  1. […] to GregoryNo6 for reminding me.  Do take the time to click here to enjoy his celebration and, if you haven’t bought one yet, don’t you think it’s time to buy at least one […]

  2. Hi,
    I’m all for supporting our troops. A lovely birthday cake, and a very Happy Birthday Gina.

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