Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 27, 2011

Silliness for your Sunday morning.

Let’s start with the news from New South Wales – or, if you live in Balmain, New South Wails.

Via Tim Blair, tweets from the Balmain Laborites. Who yesterday faced the prospect – now receding, damn shame – of being represented by the Libs:

“Balmain going Lib is a failure of the electoral system.”

“Eeeek Libs in Balmain? Get me outta here.”

“Will have to move away from Balmain electorate in disgust. And I was so proud of us too, it was a sure thing.”

Whattabunchasooks! Move away? When John Howard came back in 04 there were people in Perth so outraged that they were ready to set themselves on fire. Set themselves on FIRE!

Okay, so it was one person – a friend of the guy at the coffee shop. And she didn’t anyway. But still.

(Add musical interlude of your personal choice here…)

This struck a deep chord with me when I found it over at Ben’s blog. It expresses a fundamental truth: you can’t just go around hurting people because you’ve been hurt.

That’s why I find voodoo dolls and wax pins very therapeutic. Whenever I feel that impotent rage taking control I get out my survival kit. After a few dozen stabs I’m asking myself “What the fuck am I doing here? Stop being childish.”

Seriously, it helps. And it’s a hell of a lot safer too. No worries about whether I’ve mixed the poison correctly. No worries about the bomb going off in my hands. No worries about leaving inadvertent clues that lead the detectives to my doorstep. And every now and then a grand piano does actually fall out of the sky and splatter an enemy on the footpath. That adds a certain anticipatory spice to the whole ritual.

This is probably not the response Ben was looking for. Guess I’ll be on grand piano watch for a week or two.

(Hum the opening six bars of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor or just click here instead)

And now to Mister Charlie Sheen. Normally my response to a Hollywood trainwreck like Charlie would be a sneering ‘Brought it on yourself, now eat it and smile’. However, in this item from Funny Or Die, Sheen sends himself up just enough to win a smidgen of my respect.

Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a rockstar Vatican assassin.


  1. Hi No.6,

    You may be interested in this NSW election update:


    ps – great post.

    • That would be a 2041 comment if ever I saw one.

  2. Hi,
    The election in NSW says it all really, good on the people of NSW you did a great job, first WA then Victoria, now NSW, lets hope QLD will be next, I can all but hope on that one.
    I heard Barry say that he will be behind us with the “No Carbon Tax” that is also a great thing, and I would dearly love to hear our PM say OK I will take it to the people in an election, after all that is what a lot of people are asking for, the election is due 2013 put it to the people.

    • The total washout of the Greens is the most interesting part of the election, mags. All the unquestioning love of the MSM and the complicity of our education system in pouring their nonsense into young minds. And still they died in the arse. It’s reassuring.
      The disastrous result for Labor is going to put Her J-ness into a tight spot. The longer she defers the next election, the longer the opposition has to build its case against her. The climate change alarmists are on the back foot since the emails were leaked, and even Tim Flannery is copping uncomfortable questions at public meetings.
      Some of those Balmainian complainers will be hanging out with Philip Adams tonight when he stages a forum called How To Rebuild A Party. How indeed, when removing all the rot won’t leave you party enough to fill a teacup.

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