Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 19, 2011

How to lose the sale.

It happened yesterday when a lady customer stormed out of the shop.

She brought her little boy with her. She parked out the front, and as soon as she switched off the motor we heard the noise. He would have been about three or four, and he was HOWLING. Amazing lungpower they have at that age. We had quite a few of the regular customers in the shop and everyone was turning to watch. Mummy unhooked him from his safety harness and set him on the ground. And he kept on with the noise without a break.

‘Come on now,’ she said to him as she led him through the door.  ‘Settle down, we’re at the shops now, aren’t we?’ And all the regulars step aside. Normally these guys can’t produce a sentence without adding an f-bomb or five, but they’d all gone very very quiet. Junior was still bellowing like the five-minute warning for Armageddon when Mother put him up on the counter.  ‘I’ve got a problem,’ she said. ‘I hope you can help me.’

To which I replied ‘Sorry. We don’t accept small children as payment.’



  1. Hi,
    Brilliant, well done. 😆

    • Thanks, this is the stuff I get ideas about when we’re having a slow day at work.

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