Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 18, 2011

Don’t push that nose to the side of your plate!

The most irritating element I find in the demographic my boss describes as ‘tree-hugging hippies’ is the yawning empty pit that stands where less committed folks keep their sense of humour.

Exhibit A – the response to a bumper sticker in Queensland. Graham Parker, more than a little pissed off with his local council’s wasteful tendencies, struck back with  satire. The earnest this-is-nothing-to-joke-about types immediately identified themselves.

“We’re trying to protect the koalas,” said a trumpet for the RSPCA. No doubt he’d already suffered nightmares. All his good work gone for naught as the wife delivers a well-roasted Phascolarctos cinereus when the olds drop by for Sunday dinner.

The council mayor dismissed the stickers as “reprehensible and in extremely bad taste”. I could be entirely wrong but I envisage a framed autographed photo of Bob Brown on her mantelpiece.

Maybe it’s a photo of Bob and Jooooolya – that loveyheart moment when they shook hands last year. One commenter points out that the council put a heap of dough into spiffy electronic SLOW DOWN signs. Delivered at great expense, no doubt, to stand for a couple of months and then be removed. It’s your money, we’ll waste it –  I see an admirer or two of Ranga Monsterarse and her BER debacle within the municipal officialdom.

The caring-sharing-handwringing class seems to be growing larger every day. Here’s another joke about animal consumption, just for them. I hope they don’t get it.


  1. The collective cry of the modern humourless left:


  2. So true.

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