Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 8, 2011

Jooooolya and Barack? It’s really no contest.

Click on the image for the larger view. If you think you can handle it.

I do feel kind of bad about this. Putting the Prez on the same level as Her J-Ness really does the man a disservice.

At least he gained his position by being voted into it.

And while the CIC has been struggling to keep his promises – Guantanamo remains open, for example – I haven’t seen in Washington the same intensity of I-am-totally-out-of-my-depth desperation that has become daily fare for those of us watching the circus of ineptitude in Canberra.

Our first female PM to not be elected twice has flapped and floundered since she knifed removed was persuaded that the ALP couldn’t win another election led by Rudd. Duplicity is her critical failing, although her readiness to look in one direction and travel in another was evident well before her ascension. As Minister for Employment she put after-school work out of bounds for teenagers across the country. When the election campaign began the ALP then had the gall to wave the threat of Work Choices about – a move surpassed however by her own “real me” comments, having sneered at the Leader of the Opposition and dubbing him Phony Tony.

She even raised the republic issue. I predict that Joooolya’s first act when she returns from the US will be to declare a Monarchy Tax. Mai fillow Ossstraylyans, we kannut affawd to mayntayne our tize to Brittn. Iff yoo do nott wonnt a republic tha price will bee hai…

Ha! I’m joking, of course. She’ll let that sit quietly on the shelf until the carbon tax is in place. The carbon tax that would not be.

My American friends and cousins are free to dispute, and put forward a case for why their national leader is the more evil of these two lessers. You’ll have to try hard, though. When the scoring begins, my money – what’s left of it – will be on Ranga Monsterarse.


  1. Hi,
    She is a total embarrassment to OZ I feel, and I hope the American people remember that the people of Australia did not put her in that position of PM the independents did.
    On another note, the carbon tax, I notice that the left are not happy that people have organized rallies around OZ. I wonder why it is alright for the nutty greens to tie themselves to trees, or for the left to have rallies about usually ridiculous things, but when some people want to stand up for our democracy the left don’t like it. I will be going to the rally in Brisbane come rain, hail, or shine.

    • Have you heard about the independent now known as Jokeshott? A couple of messages from angry constituents and suddenly he’s talking about receiving death threats. F.O.O.L.
      I thought that first sentence read ‘brutal embarrassment’. Well, that would have made just as much sense.
      And how ironic that the left are unhappy that the other side should want to take to the streets. Perhaps they’re worried that the anti-carbon marchers will be too well-behaved and show them up.

  2. My whole blog is dedicated these days to proving that Julius Obamacus Nero Caesar is evil incarnate. Pick a post at random [except for the Rule 5 stuff – natch].

    • EXCEPT for the Rule 5 stuff indeed. Your man is keeping you busy over there Bob. Thanks for visiting.

  3. It looks like the really fake real Ju-liars first deed upon re-entering Aussie air space will be to shoot some taxpayer funded re-education propaganda re: the virtues of trying to cool the world via Aussie carbon dioxide taxation.
    Gillard needs a consensus on this opportunistic harebrained taxation scam. Her problem is a consensus that this opportunistic harebrained taxation scam is indeed an opportunistic harebrained taxation scam isn’t the consensus our Green gilled PM needs. After all, Gillard does want to keep her arse employed. Hence the re-education. Money is no object. There’s no expense spared when the Green gilled Gillard government need to get the job done. Delivered on time, fully costed, with a business plan is another issue altogether!

    • What would a socialist lawyer know about creating a business plan and keeping within a budget, Shelley? Joooolya and her crew come from a demographic that basically believes any form of private enterprise is a crime.
      The unfortunate corollary of this view is that they have no idea whatsoever about the creation or management of wealth. Money just grows on trees as far as they’re concerned and the the taxpayers are always ripe for harvest.

  4. Any Yanks reading this, who might for a second be fooled, have a look at this – from her Education Minister’s back catalog. La Gillardenne was a virulent anti-American student politician but she never made such world-famous statements as these from the Bald Ego.

    • Ah yes, the chromedomed Oiler. Must be praying for Rob to ring up and suggest a reunion tour – anything to make Pete feel more relevant than he’s become as an MP. Thanks for visiting.

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