Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 25, 2011

Recent departures.

Via Mickelodeon at Strange Cousin Susan I’ve just heard that Nicholas Courtney died a few days ago. He was an excellent counter to the assorted Doctors as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Rising above their collected idiosyncrasies, exasperated at times, but always solid and reliable and down to earth.

But even the most stolid chaps can be made to look humorous with a well-worded caption.

Mickelodeon’s wicked dissing of the Brig can be found in its completeness if you click on the above image. Mr Courtney would no doubt approve.

It’s sad when we lose a talented performer – which is probably why the other notable showbiz death of the week inspires more cheers than tears.

It wasn’t the Tall Poppy Syndrome. It wasn’t twitter blood-lust. It was just that the show was terrible. Like painfully unfunny, jokes recycled from the 80′s, sketches going way too long, unlikably, irritatingly terrible.

So said commenter JM at Mumbrella. And apparently he/she wasn’t exaggerating with that ‘jokes from the 80’s’ – several online commenters remarked that Elton was using some of his old monologues word for word. Edgy, daring talent? Not quite.

No great loss. But Ben’s axing might be making another no longer relevant personality nervous too. Although we may be even worse off if George gets the bullet.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I’ve been wanting to get back to captioning the Brigadier, but when I sit down to actually work on it, I can never think of anything, good, bad, or otherwise. Still, perhaps motivation will hit one day.

    • That’s my experience with the motivators: you think you should be working something up, you sort of feeeeeeeel it almost emerging into consciousness, but it always manages to pop out when you don’t expect it.

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