Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 12, 2011

Follow up on the fires.

An article by Paul Murray, brought to my attention by spot the dog, asks the question that somehow eludes those who most need to consider it:

Who pays for lifestyle of risk among gum trees?

The explosive potential of our eucalypts are hardly secret. The facts have been learnt here in Australia and abroad.

We know also that some non-native trees are capable of retarding fires. Naive forest-dwelling urbanites and tree-hugging hippies might howl in outrage, but a sensible policy would stipulate that these be planted around residences in the danger zone. Until that happens I’m unlikely to donate to any rebuilding appeal (except indirectly through my taxes).  Many people who lost their homes in the Ash Wedensday fires in 1983 rebuilt in exactly the same style and with the same total disregard for the hazards. You can’t legislate stupidity out of existence, but I’m not inclined to support it financially.


  1. agreed!

  2. Hi,
    “An off-duty police officer has been charged under the WA Bush fires Act with inadvertently starting the fire after allegedly using an angle grinder during a fire ban.

    But as The Australian revealed throughout the week, a “no burn” policy implemented by the Armadale Council and a State Alert system that did not send text warnings until after some homes were burning have emerged as key issues to be addressed to avoid a repeat of last weekend’s disaster.”

    From the Australian:-

    As I stated before, I knew the greens were involved in this, they have been in every bush fire for many years, it’s about time the Councils and Governments told them to pull their heads in. Any green that was involved in not allowing any back burning should be hit with a stiff penalty for stupidness. The other problem of course is people do not think, the rest I blame on the Councils and Governments.

    • The more I read about the fires, the more miraculous it seems that we didn’t have another Black Saturday on our hands. From today’s Weekend Australian.
      Talk already about class actions, though targeting DEC is unfair.
      The results at the next council elections will be worth watching. Will there be an outbreak of common sense?

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