Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 2, 2011

Gina got THAT close to a Stevie!

Neither a blind gifted musician nor a wheelchair-bound stargazer, a nod from Stevie is nevertheless another feather in the cap of our Pinup Queen:

The Stevie Awards are the world’s premier business awards.  The mission of the Stevie Awards is to recognize and generate public awareness of excellence in the workplace.

Miss President was nominated in the category of Hottest Business Leader To Auction Her Swimwear In 2010. Sorry, that should read Best Young Entrepreneur. (Lacks the panache of MY suggestion, but let’s not quibble.)

The Stevies were created by Michael P Gallagher, whose organisation recognises good business practice not only in the US but around the world. Mr Gallagher wanted to counter the generally low public opinion of business people after the skulduggery and malpractice that infested Enron came to light. Rather like Gina, he saw that there were some folks doing good work, and who deserved some kudos and gratitude. He set about delivering just that – but with a nifty statuette instead of a calendar. Smart move, MPG. Nothing personal, and my direct experience of American businessmen is very limited, but I doubt you’d do proper justice to a cocktail dress and high heels.
Congratulations on your nomination, Gina. And two thumbs-up to Mr Gallagher. Between the Ken Lays and Alan Bonds and Robert Maxwells, we can often forget that many people actually run their firms with conscience and principle.

(Incidentally – no matter how low they sink in the public’s esteem, businesspeople rarely sink as low as journalists…

A group of Perth journos hired a boat one afternoon and went fishing out past Rottnest Island.  One of them fell over the side just as the boat was passing above a school of hungry sharks.

He got twenty-three of  them before they got him.)

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