Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 27, 2011

And in further demonstrations of national pride…

When I saw this


I couldn’t let it pass without a response.

When you’ve only get seven states to work with instead of fifty, it’s hard to be quite as colourful. But I think I got this map pretty right.

Opinions, as always, are welcome.



  1. qld would be “wet rags”

    • Except that wet rags are much easier to dispose of.

    • Or was that a reference to Anna Bligh?

  2. Hi,
    Not much room on the map of OZ, but, Queensland also Corrupt Politicians, and NSW also Incompetent Politicians, both these states are exactly the same I feel. But I think you did a great job on the map.

    • Funny how Queensland and NSW are so similar these days. Long-time Labor governments to stuff the local economy, rather inept female premiers… if the Libs can’t win power in NSW this year after so much skulduggery in the government they should probably give up.

  3. take your pick….

    • I think you’re talking about South Australia now. Settledownwillya?

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