Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 22, 2010

Closing time.

Last post for 2010. This time tomorrow my jet will be barreling down the runway, nose pointed at Melbourne. Between then and now: clean house, pack, and get some goodies boxes away to the troops. Much to my relief, Gina’s parcel arrived yesterday. Calendar treats for the men in uniform!

During the next two weeks I’ll be celebrating Christmas, mother’s birthday on Jan 1, and on the 4th I will be 50. One resolution: the next fifty will be different from the last fifty.

Merry Christmas to you all… there you are, things are changing already. That’s not a sentiment I would have expressed twenty years ago.  I’ve had quite a bit of fun with the traditions of Christmas. One year I bought up a heap of tacky birthday cards  and a fat black texta. Slash, scribble: hey presto, they became tacky Christmas cards instead! There are still people who aren’t talking to me after that. I’d talk to them, but their phone numbers are no longer listed.

The business – ie bu$ine$$ – of Christmas ought to be mocked on a regular basis. But I stand against those useless twits who tried to make the Yuletide season less ‘offensive’ to unbelievers a while back. Although I chose to stop believing some decades ago, this struck me as plain bad sportsmanship. It’s like winning the game by locking the other team in the dressing room.

You can argue that Christmas is really just a rebranded pagan festival (true), or that it’s become excessively commercialised (also true). Still, one year draws to an end and another one waits just over the horizon. It’s a good time to reflect.

I’d be taking unwonted liberties, I suspect, to call this a secular Christmas carol. But it’s an appropriate song for this time of the year.

Until the no-longer-incredibly-far-off-in-the-future-year of 2011.

Dum spiro, spero.

And for those whose presents await… may the unwrapping be a joyous occasion unto you.

Thank you, Bob Belvedere.


  1. I’m still catching-up from being off-the-grid for the holidays, so I missed this.

    Apologies tendered.

    I also managed to miss your 50th. Happy Belated Birthday. I just hit forty-nine on 19 December and I’m feeling everyone of those years.

    You also reminded me to order Gina’s calender – thanks.

    • You had to be reminded about Gina’s calendars? Jeez Bob, you must be suffering a Rule 5 overload or something.
      Yes, I can remember myself how it feels to be 49… barely.

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