Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 11, 2010


Yes, fants. As in: Small black intercoursing insects. Such as those which have just discovered my compost bucket beside the sink.

I’ve heard that diatomaceous earth is very effective at killing fants. Lethal for fockroaches too, apparently, and all shelled crawlers.

I’ll be looking for some of that.

(Thanks to Kishorkshama for the photo)



  1. Hi,
    Great picture. Nothing worse than ants in the house, regardless of where, we had a problem in summer last year, but hopefully not this year, I hate it.
    The old ants seem to give me that feeling that something is crawling on your arm, but of course nothing is there. 🙂

    • A new species took over my backyard last year, and they are much more invasive than the regular black ants who are bad enough. These ants are very small and brown. And persistent.
      The liquid bait has lost some of its potency; it’s a few years old. I’m laying down new baits but DE
      sounds like the best solution to the problem.

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