Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 9, 2010

A few words about John Lennon.

His best work was done in the Beatles.

He might have surpassed that as a solo performer but he started believing his own publicity.

At the time he produced Imagine he was

a – wealthier than most will ever ever know;

b – owner of quite a few possessions. The mansion that appears in the Imagine video, for example. Tittenhurst Park.

The same do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do routine we get today from, say, the global warming crowd. Good evening, Al Gore!

I don’t care who it comes from. It always stinks.

Lennon was a top songwriter and performer, and – judging from his performances in the Beatles own movies – he might have matured into a worthy screen actor. That didn’t happen: all we have are his songs, and the best of them will be known to our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Thirty years after his death it’s time to strip the messianic veneer from John Lennon. It’s unnecessary.


  1. I am definitely most familiar with Lennon’s work with the Beatles, though I do remember some great songs from when I was small (perhaps they were great because I *was* small), most notably (Feel Like) Starting Over. Or something like that. Kudos for saying what needs to be said. Seriously. I don’t get the Cult of Lennon. I don’t get the Cult of Morrison, either.

    • Mister Give Peace A Chance was also a supporter of the IRA. Happiness is a warm gun, all right.
      As for Morrison – look for a movie called People Are Strange. A very good compact history of The Doors, but it shows a few sides to Jim Morrison that aren’t quite in line with the public persona.

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