Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 4, 2010

Dean hypnotises; Greg fractalises.



Feel that your life is less than blessed?

If you’re in Melbourne, call Dean Efthimiou. Dean’s a natural therapist. When I was struck with shingles he made a couple of very helpful suggestions; the GP’s tablets and ointment stopped the spread of the virus, but Dean provided some useful follow-up remedies that have helped reduce the affected area and reduce my discomfort not incidentally.

Okay, okay – here it is, the unavoidable Declaration Of Interest. Dean is using some of my art to add some colour to his website.

Still, you shouldn’t hold that against him.



  1. No ….. I wont hold that against him at all. That’s an interesting way to get your art work out there.

    • I sent an email around last week. A little self promotion. Dean is a switched-on sort of person, and he was certainly helpful to me.

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