Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 17, 2010

Multiple face atrocity.

If you’ve already started planning for next year’s Halloween… why not go out as Michaela Romanini?

FFS! The original Ring movie had me sleeping with the lights on for a month – this ought to keep them burning until Easter.

More photogenic examples of surgical malfunctions here.



  1. How scary! …..and sad. You’d love to ask WHY?

    • If you’re not an accident victim or unlucky at birth, why indeed?

  2. Hi,
    OMG that is beyond weird, that’s just plain ugly.

    • When I first saw photos of Jocelyn Wildenstein I simply refused to believe that was her real face. I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so disfigured as that. And like most of the people on that list – she wasn’t exactly ugly to begin with!

  3. I’ve gotten called on pointing out People Who Must Have Had Plastic Surgery on scs in the past by people I assume can see just as well as I can. Helen freakin’ Keller could see this a mile away.

  4. I have no earthly idea who Amanda Lepore is, but I think that’s the saddest of all the examples, based on what she looked like before. Dolly Parton was the least jarring to me, I have to admit, for no reason I can fathom.

    • That picture of Dolly was pretty kind. I’ve seen others where she looked like the Joker’s evil sister.

      • Oh, well. There is that, isn’t there?

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