Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 1, 2010

Every good deed carries a certain risk.

I caught RED yesterday and I have to say that even without Gina’s appearance it was pretty good. Would you believe it though, just as her picture came into view the movie stopped!
Gina was up on the screen for a whole ten minutes! Until security broke down the door and made me untie the projectionist.

So where’s the risk in that, you ask. Well, the projectionist tried to give me his phone number.
I didn’t take the usual route home.



  1. Haha….

    • As soon as he said “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship” I knew I was in trouble.

  2. I’m going on Wednesday and I can’t wait to see Morgan as Captain Crunch!

    • Morgan looks mighty fine in a blue general’s uniform, I’ll tell you that.
      Thanks for visiting, Barry. And thanks for all those great tun – oh, wait a minute…

  3. Sorry, didn’t mean to be your heartbreaker.

    • I’ll check that out when my full internet speed is restored on the weekend.

      • It’s just a little serenade of the song “Heartbreaker,” no rush. It’s a classic, it’ll keep til the weekend.

    • Okay, I thought maybe you’d started the joke that started the whole world crying. Well, you have nothing to be guilty of…
      I’ll stop now before you write me off altogether as a terminal smartarse. I’ll be watching your blog with interest, B. G.

  4. I want to listen to a whole lot of Bee Gees now. Thanks so much…there was that song called One, I think back from the early 90s that I loved, plus all the classics, naturally!

    • Where are the girls I left all behind?

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