Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 24, 2010

Jooolya learns her lessons in all the wrong places.

Her J-ness, to the National Press Club in July this year:
“Of course, there have been lessons learned.”
Evasive in her replies to further questioning, Australia’s first female Prime Minister to be not elected twice gave some insight this week into the nature and content of those lessons.
Basically, she’s Kevin Rudd in a fright wig.
(There’s a picture to go with that description somewhere in the archives. It’s ghastly. You can find it for yourselves.)
At that Press Club gathering Jooolya also said she believed in empowering people locally. Which hasn’t been borne out so well by recent events. An announcement was made during the week that a detention centre would be built in the Adelaide Hills at Inverbrackie. Jooolya, in town just the day before, let someone else deliver the news. And it WAS news to the locals, including the Premier of South Australia. He was advised of the decision only an hour before the public announcement – and he’s on her side of politics.
Empowerment. Riiiight. Neither Jooolya nor Immigration Minister Chris Bowen showed up to address a public meeting of concerned locals. They just sent some departmental flunkey along to catch the flak.
This is the woman who taunted from the Opposition benches in 2003 “Another boat on the way. Another policy failure.” 2010 has seen 106 boatloads of illegals arrive this year.
To cap it off these announcements were made while ‘negotiations’ are still taking place with East Timor over the detention centre that Jooolya proposed before the election. Plan B Syndrome is made manifest at every turn. Does anyone in the government even know what Plan A is, or was, anymore?

Summarising the ‘lessons’ Jooolya’s learnt:

One – Talk, pronounce, declare; consult later.

Two – Subordinates make excellent human shields.

Damn. We had a Prime Minister who knew those lessons already! We didn’t need you after all, Joools!


  1. Hi,
    Yep it certainly is getting ridiculous and I have an bad feeling it’s going to get a lot worse yet. This so called Government really is a joke, and I honestly believe that there is no plan, Gillard is just winging it as she goes along.

    • It was pointed out somewhere that before the election Foreign Minister Stephen Smith was handling the ET business. Now it’s moved across to Immigration.
      Crafty Kev is steering clear of this one. If he sees Jooolya digging herself a deep hole, he’s not the only one.
      What rankles most is that this pack of twits are prepared to shell out for these facilities while the Nauru centre rots away. So much for fiscal responsibility.

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