Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 6, 2010

A happy end to a not so brilliant day.

It hasn’t been that wonderful a week. Shipped off to another branch for ‘experience’, arrived Monday only to discover that they had someone quit on Friday.

The sprained ankle hasn’t improved much and I had a notion that I could look forward to a relatively quiet five days. HA! I’ve been on my feet the whole time. I’m limping around like a geriatric butler. “Poor old sod,” the youngest daughter sighed to her friend, “Daddy only keeps him on out of cruelty.”

And last week the fast internet ran out. Not that I’ve had much time, or interest in anything much beyond resting the foot. But I thought I’d switch on tonight anyhow, since the renewal was due, and joy of joy of joys, a photo from Gina. Of Gina. Wearing one of my Ts.

I snuck back into Redbubble to do this. I gave Gina a voucher for her birthday in March and very cleverly departed RB before she’d used it.

It’s available now from The Emporium of 6.

Damn, I’m pleased to have this photo. It’s Gina, in my T-shirt, but more than that it marks a very significant change…


  1. Hi,
    Sorry to hear your ankle is still no better.
    It’s always the way, when you want quite days it never happens, and when you want to be busy it’s quite, I think this applies to a lot of people.

    Don’t start me on the Internet. I lost my connection, 5 phone calls, endless amounts of time on hold, (with awful music) being transferred from one person to another and another, after all that it turned out to be a fault in the ADSL line, it just took the right tech. to find the problem, which took him all of 1 minute. It beggars belief.

    • I see myself taking all next week off to give the sprain a decent interval of rest. Weekends just aren’t enough. I think my boss is half expecting this – he’s been giving me these strange looks for a couple of weeks when I limp past. I’ve gotten through this week but even I reach the end of my heroics at some point.
      Not really surprised, mags, but the manager of the branch I’m helping out asked me to take the position that’s vacant. I declined.
      And I’ve decided that FB has annoyed me to the point of responding with a motivator. Hey, look what my work in that field did for Kevin Rudd!

  2. I haven’t had a sprained ankle since running around on a basketball court in high school, but still remember waiting for it to heal as quite tedious. Also, I love the shirt! Pretty awesome that she sent a picture of her wearing it, too! =)

    • Awsomest of all is that she’s ready to be publicly identified as the wearer. Have a look at that second picture…
      As for the sprain – to quote the great William S Burroughs, the situation is little short of intolerable. If it wasn’t for my new best friend Voltaren I would be a whimpering fetal ball by now. Employers be damned I’m having a week off to rest and give my ailments time to heal.

  3. Now I could say that I insisted that my son decapitate me when taking the photo because I knew that my stunningly beautiful face would definitely distract from the wit of your t shirt.

    Sadly, that is untrue.

    I find that if I avoid mirrors and recent photographs of myself then, in my highly creative mind, I remain that pretty 20-something.

    • Come on now, Michelle, I’m sure you’re still hot as.

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