Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 30, 2010

Same price since WHEN?

NPR’s Morning Edition is broadcast live on the ABC’s News Radio – which means we hear it around 6pm in Perth. Yesterday’s program included a piece on Maglite flashlights and the company’s founder, Anthony Maglica.

I’ll have more to say about the man and his principles later, but for the time being, here’s the link.


  1. Hi,
    I read the article, and I had no idea that maglite was made in the USA. That really surprised me as I know that America had go rid of a lot of Business, same as Australia, and a lot is now produced o/seas.

    • And wasn’t it nice of them to name the product after you?
      That’s an impressive number of firms still manufacturing in the US – nearly 300,000.
      I can only admire Mr Maglica for doing things his way and ignoring the bean counters. 80 years old, still shows up every day – you could call him obsessed or driven, but his attitude towards his staff points to a benevolent disposition. He’d know everyone by name and probably asks about their children too.
      I’ve worked in factories where the equipment was years – or even decades – out of date. This company has actually designed its own automation systems. That knowledge and experience might eventually be as valuable a product as the torches themselves.
      Mr Maglica sits as close as any businessman can get to that magic point of balance – looking to make a profit, but caring about his staff and the goods they produce too, and determined to make the technology serve the firm (instead of the other way round). He should have become a typical blood-drinking virgin-deflowering capitalist overlord long ago. Obviously his principles steered him in a different direction.

  2. Shame there aren’t more like this man. One company we deal with…Danaher Tool company, (they produce GearWrench) that make quality tooling, were produced in the US are now made in china. The quality is still top shelf as they oversee very carefully, but it’s a shame they had to go outside the US to manufacture.

    • I really believe that manufacturing in China has about reached its peak. Chinese labour isn’t as cheap as it was and labour costs were the main attraction – why manufacture there, when for about the same outlay you can do it at home?
      Quality control is a serious issue too. I have worked for firms who were tired of saying do it this way please, and being answered with a nod and a smile – only to get something other than what they specified. Then, there was the milk scandal of 2008. People were prepared to poison the milk children drank to disguise its low protein levels. If they’d do that to their fellow countrymen, why would they think twice about scamming foreign companies?

  3. A major Australian biscuit manufacturer I know of, set up a factory in India to produce their biscuits. They neglected to tell their customers…I wonder why?

    Needless today, we rejected their products , at a major inconvenience to us, but we just couldn’t in all honesty accept the products. The product pricing also increased. We felt so conned. All I can say is check the labels very carefully…even if you’ve been buying the product for years. You never know!

    • Biscuits too already. Hell!

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