Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 27, 2010

An old favourite returns.

Presenting once again in The Gallery of 61: I had too much to dream last night.

Image created in Tierazon, with additional processing in Gimp.

Title courtesy of The Electric Prunes:


  1. Hi,
    Magnificent colours, also love the way the spirals are done. The name fits perfectly.

    • One thing I learnt at Redbubble is that ‘Untitled’ is not a title. So many people would stick the U-word on an image as if that was all that was required.
      I like this image, but what would it be without a snappy name? Pretty much a jumbled mess. Would it be half so interesting as ‘Untitled’? I strongly doubt it.
      A good title gives the viewer a handle on the picture. It gives some idea of the imagemaker’s thinking. The viewer can agree or disagree.
      Maybe working with purely abstract art has made me overly sensitive to titles (or lack thereof). But when I see a pic labeled with the U-word my first thought is Lazy Artist.
      Rant over.

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