Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 3, 2010

Revelation 2010: The lingering images, part 2.

Rev’s Program Director Jack Sargeant shares founding father Richard Sowada’s interest in the movies that you’ll never find in the Family Viewing section at Blockbuster. Assuming Blockbuster has a Family Viewing section. Personally, I avoid such establishments. Which is easy for me, I admit, since my neighbourhood is well served by the excellent Planet, who also sponsor Rev. And I predict with confidence that Dogtooth will become one of Planet’s most non-returned titles when it’s released on DVD. For some reason I had the idea that this movie was made in Sweden, right up until the end credits rolled and I figured out that it was in fact a Greek production. As Spike Millgan might have said, now you know what’s wrong with that country.
Dogtooth is the story of a family. A father who goes out to earn the daily bread. A mother who stays at home. And three children who have reached adulthood with an understanding of the world that a preschooler would mock. Mama and Papa have seriously, SERIOUSLY screwed up their son and daughters. Everything in their tightly confined world has a name that belongs to something else – and I’ll give away this much: once you’ve seen Dogtooth, you’ll never think about keyboards the same way again.
I don’t know how much inspiration the filmmakers drew from the young women kept hostage for years in Europe and the US, but the dark humour of Dogtooth frames a world where everything familiar is perverted. And the head-on style is more effective for lack of back story. There is no attempt to explain the mindfuck these two suburban sadists have perpetrated upon their young. They simply exist in an alternative dimension of their own creating – the door to which may be just across your street. And the ending? If you leap out of your chair with a shout of WTF?!?? you’ll be reacting exactly the way I did.



  1. Hi,
    Not a movie I think I would be able to sit through, or if I did, I don’t think I’d be still there at the end.

    • There were times when it was excruciating, but it had some very funny moments too. One of the daughters got hold of some old movies and started reciting scenes from them to her brother and sister – she recreated JAWS in the swimming pool.

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