Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 31, 2010

The ex-wife was not available for comment.

It is my ongoing pleasure to present to my readers anything that smacks of the strange, peculiar and downright bizarre. This piece of news belongs in the third category, I believe.

Incredible though it will seem, the most consistently sought post here at TMI has absolutely nothing to do with Gina Elise. HUH? Yes, I share your collective incredulity. But the fact is, the item that appears again and again and again concerns a reptilian misadventure.

Even more disturbing though is the search term that accompanies it.

Excuse me – don’t we have a column in the daily paper for that information?


  1. Clearly everyone is coming back to see if I replied to your reply…

  2. maybe paul hogan is dead?

    • Is Paul Hogan dead? Latest news is no, but the Australian Tax Office is working on it.

  3. Breaking news: Paul Hogan is not dead. Elvis is still dead. Mickey Rourke… difficult to say.

    • He moves his arms and speaks, but you’re right. He could be…. Zombie Mickey!
      “Stallone…. I have come to eat your brains!”
      “My brainthhss? You muthhst be goin’ on a diet, Mick! Haw! Haw! Haw!”

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