Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 23, 2010

They were coming from every direction.

Even for the ALP, this is carrying Whatever It Takes to a new extreme.


How many Green candidates did Mr Albanese have to beat off, precisely?

The hard facts must be presented.

And, “struggle” suggests  he had his hands full.  There must have been stiff competition among these candidates, all requiring to be… well, you know.

I daresay he tried to palm the job off to his secretary. Did she refuse to have a bar of it?

Leaving him alone to get a grip on the situation?

Many issues to be raised here. Deals under the table, no doubt.

But that’s Labor politics for you. Expect this whole messy business to end in a whitewash…

Not sure what to make of  “another TWIST”, though. Sounds painful.

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