Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 22, 2010

But this much is reassuring.

Not the definitive victory I was hoping for, but it can certainly be said that the throne has been pulled from beneath the ranga queen.

Australia may yet be lumbered with another three years of Labor but Jooolya is a weakened leader. Her time as Australia’s first – yeah, yeah… whatever… may be brief.

Good to know that the voters still recognise the smell of bs. Which is more than can be said of our media entities generally.  Although some clearly have it worse than others.

For all of the present government’s incompetence, I just don’t believe it deserves to be a oncer. And despite the good campaign Abbott has had, I don’t believe the Liberals have learned the lessons of their defeat three years ago. For that reason I believe Gillard should become an elected prime minister and be judged critically on the job she does after that, with no more second chances.

Quoting – via Andrew Bolt – Peter Van Onselen. Who apparently doesn’t consider the three years Glizzard spent (literally!) at the heart of the Rudd government a fair and reasonable demonstration of her skills.

Or is it because she’s a woman?

How ironic that the nation’s first female prime minister might be embarrassingly turfed out of office after just a couple of months in the job…

The original Womens Libbers said that gender was irrelevant. Judge on talent and ability. Between the ears matters more than between the legs.

Not exactly ‘moving forward’ there, Pete.


  1. She’s frighteningly Jodi Foster-esque, if I may be so bold as to say.

    • Funny you should mention Jodie, what with her preferences and all.
      Apart from that, Mickel, you’ve probably just said the nicest thing about Joooolya that will ever see light of day on this blog. EVER.

  2. Ah, I see. Her nose seems a bit sharper, but she’s got the J to the F vibe goin’, that’s for sure.

    • Anna has quite another vibe happenning…
      But, just in case you get the idea that all lefty female pols in Australia have faces for radio, here’s Kate Ellis.

  3. Why am I not surprised by your defiantly unreconstructed attitude to this nation’s first woman PM!

    Really, instead of snarking at Julia, you should be giving her your full support. You and your appalling ilk sadly are more influential than you realize, you know. People actually absorb and imitate what they read in the blogosphere, even when it is as offensively reactionary as the above post.

    That’s why, if I had my way, all bloggers would be legally required not to criticize her. I know that even some on my feminist left might consider that a tad over-zealous. But frankly I think such measures are needed. The patriarchal peenie-wavers have been entrenched in their positions of power and privilege for thousands of years. Extreme measures are needed to replace them!

    • Oh, Derek… seriously! Jooolya does for the sisterhood what the iceberg did for the Titanic!

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