Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 1, 2010

She moves like she don’t care.

Deborah Harry, born July 1 in 1945, is now officially the world’s sexiest OAP.

Not that she shows any signs of retiring. Blondie and The Pretenders are touring Australia later this year. Blondie were the first 70s punk band to break big in Aus, and that success was mostly due to the national pop show Countdown. From Wikipedia:

The band’s first commercial success occurred in Australia in 1977, when the music television program Countdown mistakenly played their video “In the Flesh”, which was the B-side of their current single “X-Offender”. Jimmy Destri later credited the show’s Molly Meldrum for their initial success, commenting that “we still thank him to this day” for playing the wrong song. In a 1998 interview, drummer Clem Burke recalled seeing the episode in which the wrong song was played, but he and Chris Stein suggested that it may have been a deliberate subterfuge on the part of Meldrum. Stein asserted that “X-Offender” was “too crazy and aggressive [to become a hit]”, while “In the Flesh” was “not representative of any punk sensibility. Over the years, I’ve thought they probably played both things but liked one better. That’s all.”

Ms H is still slaying them onstage, and not with a walking stick either. Hard to believe she could ever be serene and demure….

…but there you have it…



  1. Well there you go, she’s a stayer!

    • I think she’s more sexy in that clip – which is about ten years old – than she was back in the 70s. There are a few moments when she stares straight into the camera and there’s something utterly predatory in her eyes. More hunger than a whole clan of Cullens would ever feel.

  2. I really love this song – the louder, the better!

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