Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 26, 2010

Auf wiedersehn to der Kruddfuhrer.

I don’t suppose I’ll ever post this again… and no kidding, I am a little sad about that. These Ruddivators were my little contribution to the war against the Kruddlove that spewed out of the mainstream media; I don’t know what sort of effect they had, but I am fairly sure that this one at least was noticed. Clumsily, after downloading the original image through Google Images, I deleted it. And I’ve never been able to find it since.

Could it have been removed at a request from Canberra? I think that’s entirely possible. Just look at Constantin Films, makers of Downfall, who have tried to remove all those parodies from Youtube.

And, ha ha ha –  speaking of Youtube: The Fallen One gets his three minutes of glory here.

Is a language warning necessary?


  1. *snort*

    • Greetings to you, anon.
      Call again soon.

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