Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 31, 2010

Feeling a little stressed myself.

Superhero Support Stress Syndrome – 2008.

On the first day of my holidays I saw Michael Caine’s new movie Harry Brown. It is worth your time and money, but don’t believe the ads that compare it to Gran Torino. There were a few lighter moments in that. Harry Brown is pretty dark all the way through.

And I seem to resemble Mr Caine more and more with every passing day. I don’t have a problem with that. Except that he’s 77 and I’m 49.


  1. That sort of anger tends to start at around your age…it just escalates….

    Believe it or not, you’re normal….hahahahahaa

    • Looking like someone who’s OLDER than my FATHER is NORMAL?

  2. you scrub up ok…..

    • I know which picture you’re thinking about. And it’s not the one with the long black coat.

  3. Mr Caine tooks pretty darn good for his age. He doesn’t look 77 be looks 49 đŸ™‚ Yep, and the anger issues…it’s an age thing…

    • Oh, so HE looks 49 – that’s a spin worthy of our Prime Minister.

  4. Great caption! Had me laughing, even with the icky being-sick feeling. =)

    • I did another one called Ironing Man around the same time. Boy, did that have the ladies swooning at RedBubble…
      And I was going to forward you link to another 80s clip but having watched it properly I’m going to use it myself.
      PS: When am I going to get my face back at SCS? I’m tired of being a unicorn.

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