Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 26, 2010

But 0666 666 666 is still available, right?

Mobile phones are bad for you.

How bad?

This bad.

Thanks to Vexnews for the link.


  1. wow, that’s random alright! Eight is supposed to be a lucky number isn’t it?

    • Too many eights reverse the effect perhaps. Maybe it becomes a sort of hieroglyph: think of all those 8s as neatly paired bullet holes.
      A death number…?

  2. gahhhhh….fergots ta click

  3. I think you might be onto something there!

    • Pushing this numbers thing a little further:
      Omitting the opening zero the cancelled number consists of three groups of 8s. Three is almost unknown in the natural world – two arms, two legs, or four limbs; two eyes, one mouth, etc – and has thus been regarded for millennia as a number of supernatural portent. The Holy Trinity of Father Son and Holy Spirit is not unique in this respect. And there are three 8s in every group.
      Three times three sets of bullet holes… it makes you wonder…

  4. You lost me at “omitting the opening zero”

    soz….I’m numerically dyslexic….

  5. Husband’s drivers licence number is a combination of four digits…8888…and two letters that are the same … I won’t say what they are, but they’re a little bit like 8’s. So far no problems….

    • And he’s never trafficked cocaine either. Right?
      That would have to count as a contributory factor.

  6. I. Want. That. Cell. Phone. Number.

    Now off to read the article you linked.

  7. Trafficking…not that I know of…though he does spent a lot of time in traffic…

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