Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 25, 2010

The power of an image.

Yesterday, I ticked off a must-do that has followed me around ever since I arrived in Perth: I went to the Zoo.

A perfect day for the jaunt: sunny cloudless sky, and only one or two mobs of primary-schoolers to compete with the racket from the inhabitants.

Perth Zoo is the place where this photo was taken. You may recognise it.

I did see a giraffe in the African Savannah section, and I asked if he was the chap from the photo. Unfortunately he refused to answer my inquiry. It’s very sad that the celebrity lifestyle affects even ungulates in this way. But at least his bodyguards didn’t beat me senseless.

Today I took a walking tour of a few nearby suburbs, going through Mount Lawley to pick up a DVD at Planet, and then across to the West End Deli in West Perth. This is an old corner milk bar (okay, here in Perth it’s a DELI) that was empty the last time I saw it two years ago. In the meantime it’s been resurrected as a cafe. I sat down with my coffe and thought ahhh, I’ve earnt this. And then I opened the morning newspaper…

(Sorry, the page has been removed by Associated Press)

Some serious WTF power on that page 5, eh?

El toreador is going to live, according to reports, but El Toro is probably steaks and shoes by now. Doesn’t seem quite fair.

UPDATE – Yes, it’s undoubtedly cruel and callous, and I should exhibit a trace of kindness, but I just can’t help myself.


  1. erk!

    • You think that’s bad, check the update.

  2. shudder…..

  3. I think I would have worn the coffee…along with the rest of the customers.

    • To quote The Simpsons: “Gross! And yet, strangely compelling.”
      I couldn’t take my eyes away – hard to believe I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

  4. I wish I had been able to stroll about the zoo with you. Sounds like a lovely outing. I love giraffes and most animals really. Hate bats, especially these friggin’ government protected fruit bat vermin.

    Oh, and when I read out the headlines about that goring of the matador my spouse said, “Its about time the bulls got to get their own back.”

    • It’s interesting to watch the animals in their reaction to the humans. The zebras just generally ignored everyone, the Galapagos turtles on the other hand were quite alert and watched us with interest.
      Two of the tigers were asleep at the back of the enclosure but another was pacing along the glass and made eye contact. The orangutangs generally avoided that. One would look over her shoulder to see if I was still there and then quickly look away.
      And yes, there should perhaps be a special retirement home for bulls who give that little extra back to the bullfighter.

  5. WTF seems an understatement. I mean, what’s with the pink socks? Seriously.

    • “And THAT’s for those sissy pink socks!” – el Toro.

  6. I have been thinking of a visit to the Melbourne Zoo our family had in 1995. We were walking through a section with monkeys (I think there were various kinds) in a nice area filled with trees and we humans were behind glass. As I looked into the area I spied a spider monkey (cute as a button with a white face) way back in the trees. Our eyes locked and he (might have been a she) came swinging through the trees to land right in front of my face. We stared lovingly at it other for a short while, short because the closeness of the monkey caused all the other humans to rush up more or less elbow me out of the way and spoilt our moment. I wonder if he still thinks of me?

    • I’m sure he does. The real question is, would you remember him?
      Monkeys change a lot in fifteen years…

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