Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 23, 2010

Big in Japan, you say?

Holidays! The time when you find, well, all sorts of things to do. Anything at all, except what’s on the must-do list.

Dredging through the CD Collection I unearthed  Gift Wrapped:  The Greatest Hits of The Arrogant Worms. I bought it a couple of years ago after I found their birthday song on youtube, but haven’t listened to it for a long time. I was thinking about tossing it in the charity basket, so I put it on for one last listen.

Too bad for the local worthy cause. I found a whole heap of smart songs I’d forgotten.

Including this.

Close enough to the real thing that you might be fooled, unless you know the lyrics.


  1. My first thoughts were…well yeah, OK…until I got to the second verse…

    Where do you dig these up from?

    • I dedicated the birthday song to our mutual friend Miss Tania at RB – back in the days before my profound contempt for Kevin Rudd came between us. And then I tracked the CD down on
      And your ears didn’t prick up until the second verse, you say. Are you sure you were listening closely to the first?

  2. haha…I should have read the lyrics…and I didn’t listen to the song again until now.

    Oh I do love that birthday song. Bookmarked for future use!

  3. Oh dear, I will be singing that all day now.

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