Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 29, 2010

Ah hell, let’s make it three in a row…

The performance of our National Leader is becoming an embarrassment to his own people. By which I mean his own people. Most of the rest of us found him embarrassing quite some time ago.

And again there are rumours in the wind that Julia Gillard is candidate to be our next Prime Minister. Interestingly, though, the ALP is prepared to wait until after the election to dump the Krudd for the Lizzard. Boys, if the situation is that desperate, and your replacement is such a prize, why not put her up as leader now?

With such timidity from his would-be deposers, Kevin will not go until Kevin is $#%!^#& well good and ready to go.


  1. There’s no alternative imho, if the budgie smuggler wins then I think australia as we know it will be dead and buried under thousands of tons of bibles

    • Rudd is also a churchgoer. Of course, with him it may be only political expedience.

  2. Gutsy speech. Would love to have heard the responses of the others.

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