Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 23, 2010

Today we salute the apocalypse industry.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed – the world is about to end.

Really horrible things are going to happen. You’ll have your grandmother pulling your two wheeled cart when you go foraging – no horses: they’ll all be on the menu. Granny likewise when the old girl can’t do her bit for the tribe any more.

There won’t even be TV in black and white!

Sadly, all the comforts of modern civilisation are about to be lost. I read so here. Oh, wait…

Sorry, folks. I’m just a made-up film person.

(Thanks to VexNews for the link.)


  1. We’re lucky, but the famines are certainly killing millions in other parts of the world…

    • (How do I answer this? I see a couple of possibilities.)
      True. But the greatest part of the human misery on Planet Earth today is the work of governments of assorted degrees of legitimacy who impose suffering upon their own citizens. These creatures are almost invariably supported by any number of organisations which rely on the donations of well-meaning affluent citizens in the wealthier nations to exist. Feed the hungry in far-off lands they say, stabbing our consciences with photos of starving children. But such a small proportion of those donations reach the people who need help. More often they buy luxury for the despots in charge – or guns and ammunition for their thugs.
      It’s a tragic irony. The human pain of the world owes very little to the greedy industrialists and reckless use of technology that the prophets of doom love to revile. Far more of it today should be attributed to the urge toward conspicuous compassion – the need to feel good about doing good and being seen to be doing good, while not caring whether or not good is actually done.
      (That’s the polite and reasoned reply. As opposed to the initial headlong impolite reply:)
      Isn’t there a two-wheeled cart you should be pulling somewhere?

  2. the govts aren’t entirely to blame when drought continues for decades at a time, and their religions insist on breeding at all cost…
    I KNOW that very little of the money raised goes to the needy, that’s nothing new….the point is that famines ARE happening where they said they would, in many cases, perhaps not because of climate change, but no one knows.
    I’m NOT standing up for the earth day scare-mongers either….just stating a fact that not ALL the naysayers get it wrong ALL the time…perhaps it’s just pure luck they picked something that came true….guess if you stab in the dark often enough you’ll hit a vein….

    I’ll shut up now….nite nite

  3. oh, if you want a debate, you should look up timnorman on redbubble, he’s looking for a stoush…

  4. Interesting that in the 70’s they were concerned about being on the brink of the ice age. Now it would seem we’re more concerned about global warming and rising waters.

    • I don’t have their names here but apparently a couple of those who were predicting the new ice age back then are singing doom and gloom over global warming now. There’s a dollar in armageddon for some of us, however we make it.
      I recommend you follow the comments in the link to read a long entry from KathyMary, reminding us that the good old days weren’t always so good…

  5. Oh, KathyMary is very entertaining and right on track as far as I’m concerned. I was scared to death back in the 70’s by the prophets of doom. I distinctly remember lying in bed one night thinking that the world would end. What’s my future…do I have a future? I can still remember that sick feeling in my stomach.
    Fortunately I did wake up and 40 years later I’m finding that the old prophets of doom, who probably died of old age and not some catastrophic climatic change related death, have been replaced by another generation of prophets of doom.

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